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Porous metal media is a unique material that exhibits a wide range of definable flow and filtration properties. A true engineering media from which equipment manufacturers, end users, resellers, and research organizations can develop any number of unique product solutions.

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The unique combination of a sintered powdered metal construction offered in a variety of corrosion-resistant materials such as 316LSS also offers some strong benefits over other porous media technologies, as a replacement for ceramic media, providing corrosion- and temperature-resistant operation while eliminating the cracking and breaking issues often associated with ceramics.

In many applications, our media functions as a cost-effective, direct replacement for brass and bronze powdered metal media, providing a stronger and more corrosion-resistant option. In some applications such as in medical components and semiconductor products, 316LSS is also a more generally accepted material.


This is the most obvious use for any porous material. Applied Porous Technologies, Inc. media, components, and assemblies are used in a wide assortment of filtration devices for filtering of both gasses and liquids. High mechanical strength and corrosion-resistance make this media well-suited for aggressive environments and will offer such benefits as long life and cleanability.

  • Solvent filters for chromatography systems
  • Polymer filters for processing molten plastic materials
  • Catalyst recovery filters in petrochemical plants and food and beverage applications
  • Gas filters for chemical processing and semiconductor manufacturing applications
  • Sensor covers to protect delicate instruments in harsh environments (such as smoke stacks and exhaust pipes)
  • Line filters for chemical analyzers
  • Syringe filters

Flow Control Devices, Breathers, and Pressure Equalizers

Applied Porous Technologies, Inc. media is available with very specific and controllable flow characteristics that can be incorporated into devices to control the flow of gases or liquids in and out of a process.

  • Small fitting-mounted flow restrictors that replace expensive micro valves and orifice devices used in gas leak detectors in the mining industry or in other analytical equipment
  • Vent plugs that allow internal pressure of systems to come to equilibrium with outer atmospheres such as in space vehicles, automotive (truck and train) brake systems, and instrument cabinets used in harsh environments
  • Vacuum delay valves in automotive carburetors
  • Pump priming vents for pharmaceutical micropumps

Flame Arrestors

Applied Porous Technologies, Inc. porous metal media can be produced to allow free flow of gases but to not permit flames, sparks, or other ignition sources to pass through the porous structure. This somewhat unique property makes the media an excellent material for use in flame arrestor devices.

  • Gas detectors for mining operations
  • Oxygen sensor covers in turbine and jet engine inlet cones
  • Protective covers for electronic process sensors


The media can be used in devices to introduce a gas into a liquid. Gas passing through the porous media into the liquid is transformed into many small bubbles that result in a ratio that maximizes the liquid's gas absorption.

  • Carbonation of beverages
  • Addition of CO2 to neutralize acidic waste stream in paper processing
  • Aeration of sewage effluent to increase biological activity
  • Addition of air into fermentation processes such as beer brewing or fuel ethanol production
  • Introducing hydrogen into refinery cracking operations
  • Increasing the oxygen content in fish farming plants
  • Adding ozone to a water treatment stream
  • Introducing nitrogen into food products such as beverages and cooking oils to remove oxygen and extend shelf life

Rollers and Applicators

Uniform porosity makes the media an excellent material for use in applicators and roll-handling equipment. Materials such as inks and coatings can be pumped through the porous media and efficiently pressed or rolled onto a substrate.

  • Finish coatings for printing papers
  • Solvent-based adhesive coating of tapes
  • Ink jet printer plates
  • Air rollers for handling sensitive films with no direct surface-to-surface contact


Air or nitrogen gas passing through the media can cause a dry material, such as a powder, to move with properties similar to a liquid. This enhances the flow characteristic of the material and aids in both transporting and processing.

  • Fluidizing cones on silo outlets to aid dry process chemical flow into a reactor
  • Moving dry goods, such as cereals, through process tubing
  • Loosening of bulk dry chemicals after transport prior to dumping

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