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Porous Works - News and Information on How Applied Porous Technologies Can Work for You! Vol. 4, No. 1
Porous Works - News and Information on How Applied Porous Technologies Can Work for You! Porous Works - News and Information on How Applied Porous Technologies Can Work for You!

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APT Helps Tippman Hit Its Target for New Paintball Gun
McMaster-Carr Now Offers APT Products
Applied Porous Expands Manufacturing Area
Applied Porous Part Helps Set New Land Speed Record
Credit Cards Are Now Accepted by Applied Porous
Applied Porous Technologies "Goes Green"
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Ed Swiniarski, President of Applied Porous Technologies

As we present the fall 2009 issue of our newsletter, I would like to report several positive changes at Applied Porous Technologies. First of all, we have completed an expansion of our manufacturing facilities aimed at increasing our capabilities. Our European office has also increased their space and added additional staff to better serve our international customers.

With the current worldwide economic situation, some customers have asked about our minimum order and delivery policies. Although historically many of our customers have provided sizable blanket orders we now see a trend toward more conservative purchasing practices. Our customers should know that we understand the need for this and we are working to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. I believe there is light at the end of this tunnel for all of us and it is the goal of Applied Porous Technologies to do everything possible to support our customers through this difficult time. Incidentally, we now accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. More details can be found inside.

Finally, we are happy to report a positive experience at Pittcon 2009. Applied Porous had a great booth location in Chicago and were pleased to be able to touch base with so many of our great customers! We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando next February.

Ed Swiniarski, President
Ed Swiniarski, President

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APT Helps Tippman Hit Its Target for New Paintball Gun

Tippman Paintball Gun with sintered metal filterTippmann Sports, a world leader in high-performance, high-quality paintball guns, recently contacted APT seeking a solution to a potential clogging problem in a new paintball pistol. Compared to a standard paintball rifle, the pistol requires frequent changing of cartridges. The potential for clogging, due to contamination from dirt and other debris while the pistol is in use, spurred Tippmann’s engineers to find an answer that would not hinder performance or significantly increase costs. If a solution could not be found, the regulator and pistol would need to be redesigned, delaying the highly anticipated release date.

Deciding on a concept similar to air fittings found in a muffler, Tippmann began a search for a sintered metal filter. Their Internet search produced a list of companies primarily centered in the oil and gas industry. Filters were priced in the $50 range, which, if used, would cause the pistol to cost more than the typical consumer could afford. Other frustrations encountered in the search included companies that were unable to produce a large enough quantity, as well as those that lacked an understanding of Tippmann’s technical needs, such as maintaining pressure and filtering a particle 40-60 microns in size.

Tippmann engineer Kyle Smith called APT and found a knowledgeable staff that could easily discuss the technology behind the filter and the pistol. A shipment of a variety of stock sintered metal filters was sent to Tippmann and, within days, the appropriate filter was found. The potential clogging problem was eliminated at a cost of less than $1 per filter. The TPX® Paintball Pistol was launched in June 2009, and so far sales have exceeded expectations.

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McMaster-Carr Offers Applied Porous Technologies’ Standard Discs and Miniature Breather Vents

McMaster-Carr is a supplier to industrial and large commercial facilities worldwide.

Two of our products are now available for low-quantity purchase from McMaster-Carr. They offer our corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel discs (aka frits or sintered filters) in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2" diameters, 1/16" thick, in 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 micron porosities. The discs can be found at the bottom of page 386 (search 386) on their website:

Applied Porous threaded cup filters, which McMaster-Carr calls "miniature breather vents," can be found in three thread sizes (10-32, 5/16"-18 and 3/8"-16) on the same website, at the bottom left of page 345. These tiny vents, also known as vent screws, have a slotted head and straight threads for easy installation. They are rated at 100 psi max and 750°F max. The 316LSS Stainless Steel vents are available in a filtration rating of 5, 10, 20, and 40 micron.

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Applied Porous Expands Manufacturing Area
More Space, New Equipment Increase our Capabilities

metal tubes up to 3.5" in diameter and 20" long
Applied Porous now offers metal tubes up to 3.5" in diameter and 20" long
Our recent manufacturing area expansion has increased our overall manufacturing space by over 2,000 feet and allowed us to increase our office space at the same time. We have also added new equipment that has extended our capabilities.

Our new vacuum furnace complements our hydrogen furnaces. Now in daily use, this furnace allows us to work with materials that must be processed in a vacuum to prevent oxidation. This has allowed us to expand our product offerings to include many new specialty metals, such as titanium.

In the last year, we have more than doubled our press capacity, and we have a press that is capable of 250 tons. We can now make discs up to 8" in diameter.

Another change at Applied Porous is the expansion of our metal tube line, which has enabled us to offer tubes up to 3.5" in diameter and 20" long. We produce these tubes by isostatically pressing powdered metal in specially designed molds, resulting in a seamless tube structure that is then sintered to form rigid porous filter tubes. These seamless metal tubes are available in most of our standard pore sizes. We have the capability to incorporate them into customers’ assemblies, such as applicators, gas spargers, air rollers and cartridge filters. If our standard tubes do not meet your needs, you can even request a custom size or design.

All of the above-mentioned additions to our facility have been made to ensure that we continue to be your supplier of choice for porous metal products.

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Applied Porous Part Used in Vehicle That Set New Diesel Land Speed Record

JCB Dieselmax, holder of the World Diesel-powered land speed record
The JCB Dieselmax, holder of the World Diesel-powered land speed record, utilizes Applied Porous’ sintered porous metal technology in its water injection system.
You may recall an article in a previous issue of our newsletter concerning our part in the development of a new low-flow "Aquamist" nozzle, designed to supply atomized water into high-performance car engines. We supplied a small sintered porous metal filter cup that was incorporated into the nozzle to prevent clogging. After 6 months of field-testing, our customer, English company ERL Ltd., informed us that the filter had performed flawlessly.

Now ERL Ltd. reports that specially designed Aquamist water injection systems, which again included our sintered porous metal technology, were used in a vehicle that set a new land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The JCB Dieselmax, with a streamlined, "purpose-built" body, was powered by two 750BHP JCB 444 diesel engines. A pair of Aquamist systems handled the job of cooling the intake, combustion and exhaust cycles of both engines.

In August of 2006, the JCB Dieselmax became the "world’s fastest diesel," clocked at an average speed of 328.767 mph, breaking the old record of 235 mph. We at Applied Porous are pleased to have played a small part in this "cool" achievement!

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Credit Cards Are Now Accepted by Applied Porous
Credit Cards Are Now Accepted by Applied PorousFor the convenience of all our customers, we now accept secure payments through Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We have found that many of our university and government customers prefer to use credit cards for small purchases to avoid the time spent and costs associated with processing formal purchase orders and invoices. Because we value the many developmental and test programs we participate in with these customers, we want to make it as easy to deal with us as possible by accommodating their purchasing preferences.

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Applied Porous is "going green" in every way that we can. "Our staff is dedicated to conserving energy and protecting the environment," says Ed Swiniarski, APT President. "Applied Porous will continue to do all we can in not only our production processes, but also in our day-to-day
office tasks, to minimize our impact on the environment."

One aspect of our production process is inherently green. Our stainless steel media
is sintered in electrically heated furnaces
that are blanketed in hydrogen gas to increase their efficiency. After passing through the furnace, the hydrogen is burned in stacks which produce only water as a waste product.

We strongly desire to operate using as little energy as possible, but unfortunately our process requires a relatively large amount of electricity to operate our furnaces. While it is not possible to simply "turn down" the furnaces, which run 24/7, to save electricity, we have developed a program to manage
our electric usage with maximum efficiency. By taking advantage of 3- and 4-shift scheduling, our furnaces are being utilized
for sintering over 80 percent of the time.

In addition, we have taken advantage of CL&P incentive programs to replace older, less energy-efficient equipment such as our plant air compressor. Our new compressor operates at a significantly higher capacity while using less energy than our old unit. Another energy-saving measure we have taken is the installation of high-efficiency lighting throughout our plant.

We are also doing our part to conserve automotive fuel. We worked with Air Products to install Micro-Bulk storage equipment for nitrogen. (Our hydrogen was already stored in bulk.) By switching to an efficient liquid storage system for nitrogen and managing our other process gasses, we have reduced the number of deliveries required by half. We have also equipped an area for material storage that allows us to better manage our stock, reduce frequency of deliveries, and reduce lead times to our customers.

Applied Porous is also very conscious of the need to protect the environment from hazardous substances. The used hydraulic oils from our presses are recycled and burned for heating fuel by a local business. Furthermore, our chillers and internal cooling lines, which were installed to minimize the use of municipal water for cooling, are operated with an environmentally safe and biodegradable anti-freeze. The majority of our cleaning agents are environmentally safe, and our cleaning solvents are recycled in-house. We have even switched to cornstarch-based, biodegradable packing media.

Finally, we have established an in-house recycling program for all incoming packaging, shipping materials and office waste paper. We ship all our products in unprinted recyclable boxes, as well.

Like most industrial companies, we couldn’t stay in business without having some negative impact on the environment. At Applied Porous, though, we continue to make every effort to expand our green initiatives, respect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

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