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Applied Porous Technologies (APT) is a manufacturer of sintered porous metal products. One unique property of sintered porous metal is its ability to stop flame propagation during an ignition event such as might occur in a malfunctioning gas sensor. Because of this property, many components and engineered devices produced by APT are incorporated into systems as flame arrestors. In most cases, the buyers of APT’s products are required to have their finished product tested and approved by testing agencies.

Those products which will be marketed in Europe will soon be required to meet the new ATEX Directive (from the French ATmospheres EXplosibles). The directive, with a compliance deadline of June 30, 2003, requires all devices sold within the European Economic Area for explosion-proof applications to meet the same stringent set of criteria. This, in turn, means that APT’s porous components and devices must be certified to meet design specifications per ISO 4003 for porosity and ISO 2738 for density.

In response to these new requirements and in support of existing and potential new customers, APT has invested capital in new equipment and developed the testing methods necessary for compliance. As customers develop new products or move to certify existing products before the deadline, APT is ready to support the tighter product specifications and certification.

More information on the ATEX Directive and how APT will assist customers in complying, please call (860) 408-9793, fax (860) 651-6749 or email Or visit the APT Web site,


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